Member Services

Our club mission statement

To facilitate safe, enjoyable snowmobiling by providing high quality trails; promoting snowmobiling as fun recreation; and fostering positive relations among snowmobile enthusiasts and the general public.

Our objectives for the key services we provide
  • Govern and administer the corporation and its affairs.
  • Develop and maintain well groomed, safe, accessible snowmobile trails in conjunction with land owners.
  • Promote our trails and host community events to foster participation and camaraderie in snowmobiling.
  • Attract and maintain club membership.
  • Act and speak collectively regarding snowmobile issues on behalf of our membership.

This mission statement and objectives were developed during our strategic planning sessions.  Club Member Services continues to be one of our major focus of attention going forward for our members and snowmobile riders in our area.

The services that snowmobilers can appreciate and value as a member of Eastman SnoPALS is very important.   Providing groomed trails should not be the only service or function we provide.   The relationships and social interactions we develop while riding are important and are the reason many people like to go snowmobiling.

Activities to Improve Member Services
  • Hats, golf shirts and outerwear with the Club logo are displayed on our Merchandise page and are available at the MANITOBA MADE store in Lac du Bonnet.
  • Our club maintains 2 snowmobiles, several large sleighs and a C class drag (less than 6 ft wide) which is pulled behind a snowmobile to help our volunteers get the trails ready each season.  We have an on-going commitment to our volunteers to “green out” out our equipment so that we are operating good safe, reliable equipment.
  • Recycle Everywhere Containers are located at the shelters in all of our shelters and we encourage recycling.
  • We provide all members with a 3-inch reflective helmet/machine sticker.
  • Portable outhouses are deployed each season at 3 of our shelters to ensure that we have safe, clean facilities for our riders.
  • We provide current club information on our FACEBOOK page throughout the riding season.   Please view or join our Facebook page.
Join Us Today

We offer 3 ways to purchase an individual or family memberships for your convenience, and now you can buy up to a 3-year membership.

  1. Buy Online
  2. Fill Online, print and mail
  3. Download fill-able .pdf


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