Trail Advisory

Yearly Seven Sisters Dam Caution

New CAUTION signs have been posted on Trail 66 on both sides of the Seven Sisters Generating Station. Snowmobilers MUST respect that this is a Manitoba Hydro work site with equipment and workers present on the structure at various times during the day.

Manitoba Hydro has recently advised Eastman SnoPALs that they are concerned about snowmobile traffic using the Seven Sisters Dam as a trail crossing as it poses a danger for workers on the dam.

Manitoba Hydro has proposed that the trail should cross on the fore-bay of the dam and Manitoba Hydro and our club are meeting to further discuss and develop options. They have asked Eastman SnoPALs to install signs at each end of the dam to advise snowmobilers of the situation. The signs have been installed and are in place (see below).

Please pay close attention to these signs and drive across the dam accordingly.

The speed limit of 20kph MUST be observed at all times when riding on the structure.

Additional CAUTION must be observed as :

  • there may be workers and vehicles on the dam at any time
  • Hydro may be storing large equipment on the dam and on the north end be cautious of this material
  • there are steel railway tracks on the dam


The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet is a strong supporter of our Club and provide us with “in-kind” work to help us maintain our trail system. 


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