Trail Advisory

Seven Sisters Dam Caution

CAUTION signs have been posted on Trail 66 on both sides of the Seven Sisters Generating Station.

Snowmobilers MUST respect that this is a Manitoba Hydro work site with equipment and workers present on the structure at various times during the day.

Please pay close attention to these signs and drive across the dam accordingly.

The speed limit of 20kph MUST be observed at all times when riding on the structure.

Additional CAUTION must be observed as:

  • there may be workers and vehicles on the dam at any time
  • Hydro may be storing large equipment on the dam and on the north end be cautious of this material
  • there are steel railway tracks on the dam

Pinawa – Caution

Trail 768 from the Seven Sisters Generating Station to the north side of the golf course at the Diversion Dam is a SHARED TRAIL with the GREAT TRAIL.

Pedestrians may be present on this trail at all times.

Snowmobiles MUST maintain a SLOW speed and allow room for other trail users on this portion of our trail system.


Ice Conditions

Many of our trails cross over creeks and rivers and others go across swamps and bogs.    It is important to assess the ice conditions constantly throughout the season as conditions are subject to change due to temperature and ground water flow.

Our club grooming equipment requires a minimum of 18” of ice to safely operate.   Please be mindful of this as the trails may be safe for snowmobiles many weeks before we are able to groom.

The following is a chart that should be considered as your minimums.


The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet is a strong supporter of our Club and provide us with “in-kind” work to help us maintain our trail system. 

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