Angels In Combat / Eastman SnoPals Poker Derby 2022

On February 12, 2022 we completed our 4th POKER DERBY with proceeds to CANCER CARE MANITOBA in collaboration with our ANGELS IN COMBAT.

It was a great day.   396 hands were sold raising a total of $1408 to CANCER CARE MANITOBA

The route combined 106 km of a miex of open sections and some scenic sections in the Agassiz Forest.   Crossing the Seven Sisters Hydro Dam always provides a scenic view as does the Pinawa Diversion Dam section just north of the golf course route.  We were able to showcase our new KINGS KOOKOUT shelter as a card stop.  Thank you to all who participated.

First place went to Ashley Menzies with a hand of four Queens and a prize of $704

2nd place went to Derek Erickson with a prize of $422.55 for a hand of four 9s

3rd place went to Rob Malak with a prize of $281.70 for a hand of four 6s

The 50/50 draw winner took home $185

The Eastman SnoPals are proud to be part of this fund raising event.

We also want to thank our club members who worked until 2am on Saturday grooming the trails on the route, the team who rode the route on Friday putting up the signs and the SnoPals and wives who worked the CARD STOPS and sold merchandise and club memberships at the Seven Sisters Community Club

The Eastman SnoPals also want to thank the members of the Seven Sister Community Club who hosted a card stop and provided food service and we also want to thank Kiley and his staff at Drifters for providing a venue for our Lac du Bonnet Card Stop and offering POKER DERBY specials

The most important part of the day was realizing the donation of $1408 for CANCER CARE MANITOBA

See you on the trails for next year’s CANCER CARE POKER DERBY

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