Club Info

Meeting Dates

All meeting dates are shown on the CALENDAR.  All riders, club members and Directors are encouraged to attend.

SnoPALS Committee Structure

The club went through a strategic planning session and by-law review and introduced the following structure for our Executive. Each Director has been assigned various responsibilities and will take a lead role in the activities of the Standing Committee. Each Standing Committee could have sub-committees made up of club members. A sub-committee will be responsible for only some of the activities of the Standing Committee:

  1. President
    1. Chair all meetings and develop agenda
    2. Insure basic plans are being followed
    3. Coordinate all activities with members.  Maintain up to date membership email list.
    4. Assist members and committees as needed
  2. Vice-President
    1. Same as President in his absence
    2. Attends Eastern Region Snowmobile Association as the Representative
    3. Insure Safety and Trail Audits performed
    4. Provide for Incident Management
  3. Secretary
    1. Prepare all meeting minutes
    2. Assist President as and when required with the management of the club
  4. Treasurer
    1. Maintain all financial records
    2. Report as required to the Club
    3. Report annually to SnoMan
    4. Coordinate the documentation of trail grooming and report weekly to SnoMan
  5. Director – Member Services
    1. Coordinate  Club advertising
    2. Coordinate SnoPals Facebook site
    3. Coordinate  SnoPals Website
    4. Arrange for the Club monthly Newsletter
    5. Organize fundraising and social events
    6. Coordinate Club Rides
    7. Coordinate Shelter and Trail advertising
    8. Coordinate Club fundraising
  6. Director – Infrastructure / Trails – North / South / East / West
    1. 4 Directors will  coordinate all infrastructure and trail activities in their zone
    2. In consultation with other Infrastructure / Trail Directors provide coordination of maintenance and upkeep of Seven Sisters facility
    3. Coordinate shelter maintenance and repair within their respective zones
    4. Coordinate the trail signing and trail maintenance
    5. Recommend any trail modifications to the Executive
    6. Arrange for and conduct Self Audit of Trails at opening and / or within 10 days of being declared open.
  7. Director – Grooming Committee
    1. Coordinate the maintenance of all Groomers / snowmobile and drags
    2. Identify, train and coordinate operators
    3. Develop grooming priorities and weekly schedules.
    4. Insure Solara operations are maintained with a GARMIN backup recorded
    5. Report all weekly grooming activities to Treasurer for reporting to SnoMan
  8. Directors – At Large
    1. Assist other Directors and President as needed
    3. Coordinate all MEMBERSHIP activities