2017-2018 Membership Drive

Our membership goal is to see more members join our club and be part of our world of snowmobiling.

Our goal is 100-120 members every year.

Thanks to those of you who have paid your dues!  You know who you are and your support is appreciated!!

Your dues are an important source of revenue for our club as these funds help up to maintain warm-up shelters, install solar lighting and keep the shelters supplied with firewood.

Many of us belong to more than 1 snowmobile club as that is how we support the snowmobile clubs in the Eastern Region one of the sought after locations to ride.

Buying a membership does not necessarily mean that you will be inundated with requests to help out with club activities but if every member volunteered once during the year it would go a long way to enhancing our club activities.   Most of our volunteer functions happen before the sled leaves the shed and some of our volunteer activities can be done by supporters that do not even ride a snowmobile.

Drop us an email and we can discuss the opportunities of membership.

Download a Membership Application here.